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We’ll create a tailored investment plan for you, based on your investment goals and objectives. We then help you with strategic asset allocation and portfolio recommendations based on your appetite for investment risk which we carefully asses with you.


In partnership with research houses, and core fund managers we trust, we choose from a wide range of NZ and Offshore investments across all asset classes. We do this for all levels of investors, both new and experienced. We have a written policy around how we do this and do not deviate from that policy.


The right investments don’t happen overnight, which is why we’re committed to working with you to achieve long-term goals. Regularly reviewing your portfolio to make sure it stays on track – especially as your circumstances change.


The Investment service provides online access to view your portfolio, included is extensive performance and tax reporting. Any time anywhere 24/7.

Asset allocation and model portfolio design

Everything we do adheres to the following principles to ensure that clients have the best chance of achieving their goals in a secure and sustainable way.

    1. Protection: The first principle is to protect our client’s assets. This is the foundation of everything we do and forms the basis of the client financial plan so clients can grow their wealth responsibly and sustainably.

    2. Growth: The second rule is to create a responsible plan to grow client wealth. This uses proven and tested asset allocation and debt management strategies to maximise the upside while minimising the risk.

    3. Enjoyment: A financial plan must build in enjoyment to be sustainable over the long term. We help clients create a custom plan for an exceptional quality of life both now and in retirement.
  • The first consideration is driven by client risk tolerances and related cash flow needs. While every client is different, the most important decision is to understand a client’s needs and objectives and their tolerance to risk.

    Investors with a disciplined, long-term approach to asset allocation will out-perform over time investors with a short-term, backward-looking focus. While every client is different, we have developed an investment solution which caters to clients’ needs for downside protection, income protection and wealth accumulation.

    To meet these different client profiles, we have range of model and bespoke portfolios with growth and defensive exposures. Good governance and good processes are needed in order to succeed and we partner with experienced investment firms for asset allocation and portfolio design.

    Our favoured approach for smaller investors is a model portfolio whereas larger portfolios will be a mix of model and fully researched bespoke portfolios to match the investors goals and objectives and which mirror their appetite for investment risk.

    Manager selection

    We believe skilled managers can navigate cycles of greed and fear, and exploit longer term mean reversion. Our views of active management and managing risk lead us to favour a mix of fund manager styles and strategies both obtaining an exposure and adding value. Included in this mix are:

    1. Managers that focus on growth, small cap, quality or value factors.

    2. Managers that have a flexible fixed interest mandate and reduce the level of interest rate risk in the portfolio (i.e. these funds will invest into a broad range of ‘income securities’ which includes cash, corporate bonds, short duration fixed income securities, high yield and can include a small exposure to high dividend paying securities such as listed property and infrastructure).

    3. Mangers that are skilled in specific strategies that are not highly correlated or are difficult to obtain in the market (a diversification benefit). For example, in our process we consider various ‘specialty funds’, such as hedge funds, technology funds and specific income strategies.
  • Client portfolio management and capital deployment

    Portfolios tend to move away from their Strategic Asset Allocation weights because asset classes behave in different ways at different times in response to short-term “shocks” or market fluctuations. In order to deal with this phenomenon, portfolios need to rebalanced back to their Strategic Asset Allocation at an appropriate time to maintain an investors target risk level.

    Frequent consideration of rebalancing back to the asset allocation adds value and controls risk over the long term. This is best done in a structured and consistent way.

    On Track Financial Planning has a rebalancing policy whereby bespoke portfolios are rebalanced 6 monthly , model portfolios are rebalanced on a monthly basis.

    The table below principally defines the investment philosophy of the On Track Financial Planning Ltd.

    Managed Model Portfolios
    to suit investor profile
    Less than $200k invested funds
    My Fiduciary Recommended
    Low cost models using index / passive funds (ETFs)
    Less than $200k invested funds

    My Fiduciary Recommended
    Low cost models using passive funds (ETFs)

    Investors wanting access to invest $200-500k are happy for benchmark returns
    Custom Built Portfolios
    A mix of Model Portfolios alternate managers including index / passive funds
    More than $500k invested funds

    Selection of KiwiSaver Funds

    Scheme manager will be selected from the following parameters

    • Long run performance
    • Fees
    • Technology / apps / access to information
    • Fund Manager support and communication

    Socially responsible and ethical investing

    Actively managed KiwiSaver Funds managed by

    • Fisher Funds Management
    • Booster KiwiSaver
    • ANZ KiwiSaver
    • AMP KiwiSaver

    Generate KiwiSaver

    Investment manager due diligence & monitoring

    Manger due diligence involves qualitative and quantitative elements. Much of the activity involved in initial due diligence is also carried over to manager monitoring; here we regularly scrutinise the fund managers and asset allocations to ensure they are performing as expected and that they remain suitable investment options.

    Due diligence elements include:

    • Regulatory oversight of the manager
    • Expense ratio/fees relative to peers
    • Track record of the fund (longer is better)
    • Performance relative to benchmark indexes
    • Assets under management
    • Performance relative to peers
    • Style consistency (for a product)